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ROLL TREE is the very first catering brand of Yoon Global Limited newly launched in 2012 to provide customers with finest Korean food. ROLL TREE KOREAN food catering company has established itself to become one of the leading caterers in London offering best quality KOREAN food based on authentic KOREAN food recipe and sauce.


Founder, Sharky Yoon as Korean food developer he has worked in food and wine industry over a decade. He is interested in Korean food development and globalisation and his aim  is to offer customers 'Finest Korean Food' to local people. Sharky is  determined to create a new type of Korean catering company, one that is able to provide breathtaking style as well as food and service excellence. His never-stop passion towards Korean food made himself establish his own company combining experience and knowledge and created a new brand, ROLL TREE.



Why Roll Tree

We provide an exceptionally finest Korean food to detail and commitment to the customer’s requirements. ROLL TREE fully understands ‘What and How’ to offer Korean foods to local people on the basis of deep understanding of market analysis.

Our food has created a wonderful range of menus with a strong emphasis on flavour and presentation. Roll Tree promise that we try to use fresh and chemical-free ingedients at all times to provide tasty and heathy Korean food with customers.